Brave Love Coaching

Summit View Counseling is pleased to partner with Brave Love Coaching to provide quality support for partners of sex addicts.

New Partners Groups Starting

Virtual or in-person support groups for women navigating an addicted partner, infidelity, betrayal, or facing difficult relationship decisions.

Christine Parker

Help for Partners

For partners seeking help, working with a coach can be life changing. After the initial shock and grief begin to wane, partners are often paralyzed. Coaching is about next steps and forward movement. It can be a great way to see patterns and change them. When you are ready to focus on your own healing and create a better future, coaching may be for you.

Christine is a certified relationship coach passionate about partners. She knows that finding a way forward can be elusive when you feel stuck in an old pattern not of your own making. It takes bravery to choose yourself. Partners typically feel very alone, and there can be a lot of self-doubt. You need support and someone to remind you that you are not merely defined by your relationship. If you are struggling with boundaries, trust or obsessing about your partner, a coach can help.