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Services I offer

As a licensed mental health professional in Phoenix, I am able to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of issues that people face. In order to treat my clients most effectively, I primarily provide psychotherapy services for problems that are within my field of expertise. If you are struggling with something outside of my expertise, I may refer you to another therapist that might be able to help you more effectively.

Couples Counseling

Love and romantic relationships are at the core of being human. Yet being with another person can be difficult. We aren’t always prepared for the conflict and problems that can arise.

Sexual Addiction

We are sexual beings. Sex is not inherently problematic. It is part of who we are. But the relationship we have with sex that can become a problem.


Research suggests that trauma is at the root of the majority of our mental distress. That is why an exploration and treatment of past trauma can be an essential part of the therapy process.

Religious Deconstruction

When your long held spiritual beliefs no longer feel right to you and you begin questioning them, you may be experiencing a process called deconstruction. This can be painful, disorienting, and lonely.

Taking the First Step

I want to commend you for taking the first step in finding help for what you are currently facing. It takes courage to reach out for help. I know that choosing a therapist is an important decision, one that many find difficult and even frightening. It’s important that you are comfortable with whomever you choose and that you feel your selection is a good fit for you.

My Mission

My mission is to provide comprehensive, high quality mental health services to those in the Phoenix valley who need help healing from relationship stress, past trauma, and addictions.

John Parker

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Affiliate Professionals

Summit View Counseling is pleased to partner with Brave Love Coaching to provide quality support for partners of sex addicts.

Christine Parker

Certified Relationship Coach

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Reach Out Today

Please call or email anytime using the information below.